Tuesday, 1 January 2013


happy new year! I hope you all had a great evening! I definitely did! So I thought that maybe I could blog about what I wore to New Years? I didn't dress up too much because it wasn't that type of party... But here's what I did!

This is how I did my hair and make up for the night. I straightened it and clipped two sides back. My make up was simple with
foundation, concealer, blush/bronzer ,eye shadow and mascara. I wore a dress from Next which I thought was really pretty and it's a really comfortable dress to wear and it shows all your right features! Haha.

I use Dream Matte Mousse by Maybelline because I REALLY like how it sits on your face and how it does give an even coverage all over. I also think its light on my skin allowing it to breathe! It feels super weird when you first put it on but you get used to it and its worth it.

please all appreciate the foundation all over the lid. Haha.
And for the Garnier PureActive stick, yes it's not a concealer :-( but it does the job! Unlike ones I have used before this actually stays put! And gives me confidence to wear ALSO it helps get rid of spots while wearing! Bonus!

The 17 Smokey eyes is the eye shadow I used however I didn't do the smokey eye shadow look (because it makes me look like I have really narrow eyes!) but I used the silver and the brown in it to give a warm texture and I really like it. I try not to use all brown because of my dark eyes and dark hair it can sometimes all blend me into one.

-also in the smokey eye palette it gives you step guidance to give you the actual look, I would definitely invest and boots or super drug is probably the place to go-

This is the mascara I use and I really like it. I'm not to fused on mascaras normally but I am picky about brushes and I really like this one because it gets to all my lashes. Likewise I really dislike thin brushes because it makes me look like I have 3 eyelashes and that's not a good look!

And finally this is the blush I wore, I really like this but be warned- only put a minimal amount on else you are tangoed! I use this mostly on holiday last year to give me a glow but any will do, I think I'll need some new stuff soon!

I hope you all had a FAB new year because I certainly did and remember your in control of what happens, so make this year and every year count!