Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year?

Hello Everyone :-)

As seeing as 2013 is only 7 hours away I thought this may be the chance to start  a fresh for my blog. (That is if I can finish, getting ready for the New Years Eve party will take time!)
I have started a blog because of how much i love fashion and how I wanted to share what i wear and how I look with everyone.
This is me- my name is Lily and im 15 years young. I have being wanting to start a blog for ages so this is me starting my blog. My name "Lily de la Vallèe" means Lily of the Valley in french. This was a name my great grandmother gave to me when I was born and I think its a really pretty name thingy, haha. Well I am now off to get ready for the New Years Eve party and i will blog later about what I'm wearing and makeup. I hope you all have a fab one!